So you’re taking an online test...

With PSI Bridge™

As your upcoming test will be online, there are a few things you need to know before test day. Particularly if you are an online proctoring rookie and more used to a physical test center with an in-person proctor.

You’ve worked hard to study for your test. By taking some simple steps to prepare, you’ll be able to shine on the day. This page contains all the resources you need to make sure your online test goes without a hitch.


Why test online?

  • More flexibility and convenience around where you take your test.
  • Take your test in the comfort of your own home or office.
  • Increased accessibility and reduced stress, travel time and expense.

What is online proctoring?

  • A real person – or proctor – observes your test using your device webcam and microphone.
  • Your proctor observes your test in real-time from another location.
  • Re-creates the experience of a test center with an in-person proctor.

Your countdown to test day

2 weeks to go...
  • Watch this video to find out what to expect from your online test and how to ace your room scan.
  • Read these Frequently Asked Questions to get fully up to speed about online proctoring.
1 week to go...
A few days to go...
Set-up a first-rate space and organize everything you need for test day:
  1. Make sure you have the required ID to access your test (a valid government-issued photo ID such as a driver’s license or passport).
  2. Ensure you have a dependable device available for your test, with a working webcam, microphone and stable internet connection.
  3. Check that you have access to a private, quiet, and well-lit location to take your test.
  4. Ensure that your immediate testing space is clear and free from additional devices and personal belongings.
1 day to go...
  • If you haven’t already done so, run a System Compatibility Check to ensure your device will support online proctoring.
  • Make sure you understand the rules for your online test, so you don’t get caught out on test day:
  • Make yourself familiar with the business rules set out by the organization you are testing with. These business rules will make you aware of what is prohibited during your test, such as whether you are allowed food/drink/gum, the number of room scans you need to carry out, if you are allowed breaks etc. These rules should be reviewed prior to test day.
  • PSI advises that test takers should try to ensure that no one else is using their at-home internet connection during their test.
On test day...

Run through this final checklist to make sure you are all set for your test. Check that you have:

  • run the System Compatibility Check on the device you plan to use.
  • a dependable device with a webcam and stable internet connection.
  • the required photo ID in hand, ready for check-in.
  • access to a private, quiet, and clutter-free location.
  • watched the test taker experience video.
  • read the Frequently Asked Questions about online proctoring.
  • know where to access additional support should you need it.

What to expect on test day

Nail your online test in 5 easy steps

1. Login using the link provided.

2. Select ‘Launch Exam’ to download the secure browser.

3. Go through the three-step check-in process:

    • Take a photo of your ID document.
    • Scan the room with your webcam.
    • Take a selfie to check that your name and image match your ID.

4. Wait while your online proctor validates your check-in information.

5. Your test will begin. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

A list of the most frequently asked questions about online proctoring.

Is my online proctored test secure?

PSI uses virtual lock-down browser technology with enhanced communication security and encryption. The lock-down browser restricts your ability to open and use additional windows or programs during the test session. Your personally identifiable information is always protected. PSI only has access to the webcam and audio on your computer until you close the online proctoring software application.

As part of the check-in process, you will be required to take a real-time video of your testing environment to ensure compliance and secure your workspace.

Where can I take my online proctored test?

You can test in the convenience of your home, school, or office. Wherever you test, you should be in a walled room where you will not be disturbed. No one else is permitted in the room with you while you are testing.

What type of identification will I need to present?

You are required to present a valid, government-issued photo identification as part of the check-in process. Your identification must contain your full name and a recent, recognizable photo.

Please Note: Military identifications and credit cards are not accepted for online proctored tests.

How do I know online proctoring will work on my machine?

Please review the System Requirements.

You will need to be able to install PSI’s Secure Browser on your computer to take the test. If you are on a corporate computer that does not allow program installation, you may want to take the test at home instead.

How long does the check-in process take? What if I’m late to my test?

The check in process will take approximately 10-15 minutes. Your organization’s testing rules will provide guidance on being late.

Are there workspace requirements? Is my home or office workspace okay?

You will be asked to take a video of your work area during the check-in process, which will be reviewed by a PSI proctor prior to test launch. Please ensure that you are in a well-lit room so that your workspace can be reviewed – artificial lighting is recommended.

  • Please ensure that your desk space is clear and clean of any prohibited items. If you are taking a closed book test make sure that there are no notes or descriptions posted on the walls in the room, and, overall, no items or information in the room that could be considered cheating materials. Other items in the background, provided that they are not accessed during the test, are fine. For example, having books on a bookcase in the background is not a problem provided that you do not access them.

Can I receive assistance with my test?

No. You may not receive any assistance from other individuals while taking the test, and you may not allow other individuals to see your computer screen when test questions are being presented.

The proctor cannot answer questions related to test content.

What actions are prohibited during my test?

Test rules provide guidance for what is acceptable during your test. The proctor will use your webcam and on-screen chat to communicate with you during your test. Your test may be paused by the proctor or automatically by the testing platform to investigate suspicious actions or events during the test.

Examples of prohibited behavior may include, but are not limited to:

    • Looking off the screen
    • Mumbling or speaking aloud
    • Using unauthorized materials as listed in the section below
    • Interacting with third parties intentionally or unintentionally
    • Leaving the circle of view of the webcam

The proctor will investigate the event and then release your test so that you may continue after re-accepting the terms and conditions. If you have any questions about the pause or release of your test, you can chat with your proctor directly.

What physical items are prohibited during my test?

Test rules provide guidance for what is acceptable during your test. Please make sure that you do not have access to any mobile device or electronic device during your test aside from the laptop or desktop on which you are taking the test.

Examples of items that may not be permitted in your test space during the online proctored test include:

  • Reference materials, paper, notepads, or language dictionaries
  • Calculators
  • Any type of communication, surveillance or recording devices such as:
    • Mobile phones
    • Tablets
    • Smart watches or glasses
    • Headphones, AirPods, or any in-ear device
  • Baggage of any kind, including handbags, purses, or briefcases
  • Weapons
  • Food or beverage
  • Tobacco products or smoking equipment

Can I eat, drink, or take breaks during my test?

Test rules provide guidance on what is acceptable during your test.

Is my test session recorded?

Yes. The entire test session is recorded, from when you check in to when you complete the test and close out of the online proctoring application.

Please Note: After completing the test, you must fully close the online proctoring application before leaving the view of the webcam. Leaving the view of your webcam for any reason or duration during the test may result in your test session being terminated, and your test results invalidated, even if you have already completed the test.

How can I avoid connectivity issues on test day?

First of all, check that your device meets the minimum system requirements here

You should seek to take steps to minimize connectivity disruptions on test day, these could include any of the following: using a wired connection (vs. wireless), taking the test in a location close to the wireless router, ensuring no one else is using the wireless connection during the exam, etc.

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