Act Now, Prepare for Later

Job Models for Managing a Crisis

The current work environment contains new stressors that can be difficult to navigate.

Our new job models are designed to apply to any person at any level of your organization. Managers can use the competency reports to gain insight into an individual’s natural inclinations and tendencies, and tap into their inherent strengths to better adapt to challenging situations.

  • The Remote Worker model features competencies that support the technical and cultural challenges of adapting to remote work.
  • The Crisis and Recovery Leadership model highlights competencies needed for the confident, poised guidance and support employees require of leaders during a crisis. 

These New Job Models Will Help During Any Crisis To:

Adapt to the New Normal

Employees need more than just tools to succeed in a new work environment. The Remote Worker Reports facilitate better performance discussions and target specific challenges.

Empower Strong Leaders

Provide focused guidance to your leaders that helps them project calmness, strength, and clear vision throughout your organization's most challenging moments.

Support and Engage

With a better understanding of employees' innate strengths and natural challenges, managers can better provide the exact support needed, while leveraging inherent abilities.