About the session

Prevention, detection, investigation, and migration are traditional major areas of a comprehensive security plan. While all credentialing groups have central security goals – preventing cheating, protecting intellectual property, ensuring the integrity of the test results – many groups focus only on the security measures when moving to remote proctoring. But, to be truly effective, test security needs to encompass the security and integrity of the entire end to end testing process, from the very earliest stages of test design to the post-event analysis of candidate results.

Join us for this webinar to explore considerations in this holistic approach when using multi-modal testing and discuss examples of current best practice in the world of high-stakes testing.
We will discuss key security techniques:

  • Aligning Policies Between Remote Proctoring and Test Centers
  • Communications to Candidates and Irregularity Behaviors
  • Identification Checks and Biometrics Measures
  • Training and Certification of Proctors
  • LOFT and Alternative Delivery Approaches
  • Test Design Approaches
  • Detection of Cheating Behaviors
  • Auditing Exams to Evaluate Proctor Adherence

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The Speakers




Rory McCorkle | Senior VP,  Certification and Admissions




Amin Saiar | VP,  Psychometrics


Nicole headshot


Nicole Tucker | Director, Statistical Reporting and Analytics




Kevin Jolly | Director of Global Quality, Training, and Security