The Future of Test Security

Education is changing

The methods used for testing are rapidly evolving. Educational institutions need to keep up and take the opportunities that these developments present.

Tests have moved online for the convenience of students, reduction in costs of deployment and to increase accessibility, particularly for those in remote locations. At the same time, many of the risks of online testing have been significantly reduced with advancements in online proctoring security.

So why should you read this book?

  • You welcome these improvements in testing but you have understandable concerns about security – particularly when it comes to high-stakes testing where outcomes will impact a student's future or where public safety is at risk.
  • You have questions about the impact of technology on identity checks and authentication, cyber security, bring your own device (BYOD) and the potential for malpractice.
  • You would like reassurance that online testing can be conducted in a secure testing environment.
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