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3 Things Leaders Can Do Differently to Help People Thrive

Rethinking Leadership in the Reshaped World of Work

Join our interactive webinar as we share our insights about leadership and how it is evolving in response to changes in the workplace. Our panel will discuss critical questions:

  • How do leaders need to lead differently today?
  • What are the key leadership attributes for successful leadership?
  • What exactly do we mean by "human leadership"?

Insight comes directly from our recent leadership research: a global survey spanning 34 countries, more than 800 leaders, and over 1000 employees.

Based on our leadership research, you will learn:


What the top challenges are for leaders over the next 5 years



The increasingly imperative leadership behaviors that help people thrive


Why the employee experience is so important and how to support employees to succeed 


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Hear our Panel discuss key leadership themes:


Paul Glatzhofer – VP, Talent Solutions, PSI Americas


Jill Pennington – Consulting Director, PSI United Kingdom


Rachel Mellors – Managing Consultant, PSI United Kingdom

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