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What Is Multi-Modal Testing?

There are multiple options depending on your needs. Assessments can be delivered via a network of secure test centers, delivered remotely with a live proctor, even off-line/off-grid with multiple combinations of these, as required, to meet more specific needs of testing programs.
For example, a test center might be complemented by online proctoring, either live or record-and-review. And both live and record-and-review proctoring can be delivered for online assessments in a candidate’s own home.





Global Test Centers

Deliver high-stakes exams with a level of security, design, and registration procedures that yield an unparalleled commitment to quality.


Online Proctoring

Provide learners and candidates with a convenient testing option that is highly secure and integrates with systems they already know.


Online Unproctored

Deliver assessments to candidates online to fulfill the requirements of your institution's testing program.

Why Consider Multi-Modal?

With a multi-modal approach to assessments, there is, of course, the potential for testing organizations to give candidates a choice of taking an assessment at home or at a test center. This makes certification more accessible for remote candidates, while ensuring access to the necessary technology doesn’t present a barrier for others. Protecting the security and validity of your accreditation, while meeting the needs of all your candidates.

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A Comparative Study of Online Remote vs Onsite Proctored High-Stakes Exams

Remote online proctoring has become increasingly sophisticated and is gaining wider consideration for high-stakes testing. However, there is an absence of published research examining remote online proctoring and its effects on test scores and the examinee experience.