Multi-Modal Test Delivery with PSI

The marketability of your certifications depends on innovation, flexibility, and secure technology.


What is Multi-Modal Testing?

There are multiple options depending on your needs. Assessments can be delivered via a network of secure test centers, delivered remotely with a live proctor, even off-line/off-grid with multiple combinations of these, as required, to meet more specific needs of testing programs.

For example, a test center might be complemented by online proctoring, either live or record-and-review. And both live and record-and-review proctoring can be delivered for online assessments in a candidate’s own home.


Global Test Centers

Global Test Centers

Deliver high-stakes exams with a level of security, design, and registration procedures that yield an unparalleled commitment to quality.



Online Proctoring

We provide certifying organizations with a market-leading, secure alternative to traditional on-site testing methods.



Event Testing

We offer temporary or event options to deliver your certifications.


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Why Consider Multi-Modal?

We remove the barriers for individuals looking to advance their  career by providing multi-modal exam delivery options. These options allow us to customize a solution that meets the unique needs of your program.

  • Increase candidate convenience
  • Extend the reach of your certification testing program
  • Enhance security
  • Drive revenue opportunities

Candidate Experience

We’ve found that the overwhelming majority of candidates are interested in multi-modal options. Research shows that:

  • Candidates rate both test center and remote proctored delivery as highly favorable
  • Candidate experience ratings are not correlated with test performance
  • Pass rates are comparable for online proctored and onsite proctored administration of the same exams



Grow Your Certification Program Today

We can help you add flexibility to your certification program with a multi-modal delivery solution. Ready to get started?

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