Change is not new to organizations. But the need to quickly respond to the crisis has forced us to fast forward on many of the Future-of-Work trends already driving rapid change in many organizations.  

The future of work is here now. The shifting talent landscape has re-shaped the way we need to approach job design and has changed the measures for employee success. 

Organizations are naturally dynamic, and change will continue to happen. Therefore, organizations need to design their talent systems for agility and flexibility. It’s important to understand how to leverage the latest technologies and proven science to make data-driven decisions.  

In this webinar, we discuss current talent market trends and how organizations can address these five key talent considerations now in order to thrive during recovery.

  1. Attract the Best Talent 
  2. Measure “The Right Stuff” 
  3. Design an Agile Process 
  4. Enhance Employee Well-Being 
  5. Develop Future-of-Work Skills 

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About the Speaker 

Ted Kinney, Ph.D. | Vice President, Research & Development 

Dr. Kinney leads a team of selection experts and developers in the creation and on-going research into the most efficient and effective selection methodologies and tools. He is a trusted advisor to many international companies across all industries. He has particular expertise in behavioral interviewing, turnover reduction, effective selection strategy, and executive assessment.