Online Proctoring for Nursing Programs

Around the globe, growing numbers of nurses are studying and taking courses online. New computer-assisted proctoring technologies are enabling nursing students, trainees and seasoned nurses to take exams at home to earn their degrees and gain their certifications to deliver vital services.

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Online Proctoring for Nursing

Nursing is currently one of the most in-demand professions in the US, with more than 3.8 million registered nurses employed across various healthcare contexts. For years, distance learning has allowed nurses to enhance their qualifications and fit required certifications into busy schedules. Online proctoring helps shape the educational landscape in nursing, allowing students to book their tests whenever and almost wherever it suits.

Why PSI?

PSI provides schools, universities and institutions with a market-leading, secure alternative to traditional testing methods that can be seamlessly integrated with existing learning management or exam delivery systems. As educators transition exams online, exam and institutional integrity must be maintained.

PSI’s online proctoring solutions allow educators to:

  • Accurately authenticate the student’s identity
  • Easily identify, and report possible misconduct during exams
  • Directly answer any questions or concerns from students in real time 

What Sets Us Apart?

Unlike any other testing provider, PSI is a part of the nurse's career journey from beginning to end. Our higher education solutions proctor students while they learn, test their knowledge and get them certified for various nursing roles after graduation, and finally deliver assessments such as NurseFit to identify the best nursing candidates as they seek employment and eventually hire staff as they transition into managers.

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Human-focused, Technology Assisted Proctoring

Online proctoring algorithms can detect potential misconduct on the part of the student, automatically flagging breaches such as a student looking down at a cell phone or capturing an image of their screen. Combining algorithms with human review makes the system both more accurate and more reliable. Any action identified by AI as potential academic dishonesty should always be reviewed by a trained human proctor to prevent honest students from being accused of cheating.

  • PSI never relies on AI alone to determine whether your students fail or pass their exams
  • AI technologies assist human proctors in detecting any malpractice, while not replacing the human element of proctoring a test
  • It's crucial to clearly explain any use of data to students and have a trained human proctor review AI output

Next Generation Online Proctoring Helps Nursing Programs Meet Demand

Distance learning allows nurses to enhance their qualifications and fit required certifications into busy schedules. Online proctoring allows students to book their tests whenever and almost wherever it suits. In a period of unprecedented disruption, it enabled schools to meet urgent healthcare needs.

In this article, you will see:

  • Examples of higher education institutions who transitioned their programs to online proctoring to meet the needs of their students
  • PSI's perspective on how the global pandemic has shifted the higher education sector as well as student needs and expectations
  • Solutions and Services designed specifically to support healthcare programs and organizations

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"I see this as a huge shift, not only for online education in nursing, but for any type of testing, whether it be academic or for employment."

- Kristin Delgado, Industrial Organizational Psychologist, PSI Services


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