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Predicting Success in Sales

Hire the right sales employees to drive success in your organization.

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Predicting Success in Sales

Why are some people successful in sales while others are not? What makes an exceptional salesperson? This is a question that sales managers and executives have spent many hours pondering. Is there a way of dramatically increasing your odds that someone is going to succeed in a sales role? The short answer is, yes – but let us explain how we got there.

These questions served as the starting point to our investigation into predicting sales performance. While we had been involved in helping organizations assess and select salespeople for decades, the question of why some people succeeded in some sales roles while not in others left us with a desire to learn more. It was then that we set out to review all of the research we could find on predicting sales success. All told, we reviewed more than 600 empirical studies dating back to the 1920s, encompassing data from over 450,000 salespeople.