Product Release Notes 

Q4 2022 - Certification

PSI Bridge 

New Features – Additional support for a secure browser
  • Launched a feature in PSI Bridge Secure Browser - Added support for the latest macOS (macOS v13 – Ventura).

Future Product Releases – Working on updating the user experience 
  • PSI Secure Browser and Chrome Extension both get a new look and feel with the latest updates to the User Interface 



New Features – Ensuring a secure and seamless experience 

  • New feature – Enhanced password security. Users must now enter their old passwords to complete a password change within TCA.
  • New feature – All cookies are now marked with the “Secure” flag so that they are not transmitted by the application.


Bug Fixes – Creating an improved user experience

  • Corrected an issue where users with only Assign access were unable to assign resources to other users. The fix allows users with only Assign access to give permissions to tests and item banks.
  • Fixed an issue that caused ATLAS Cloud to be stuck in a loading screen when using IE11. The fix updated some code so that screens load in IE11.
  • Corrected an issue where multiple-choice options that are tagged showed an error when trying to preview the item. The fix now shows the preview of the tagged item.
  • Fixed an issue of a NullPointerException caused when a rescore is run after a question has been removed. An additional workflow option was developed for this circumstance – Removed_Rescore.

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