About the session

The work environment and the nature of work is going through unprecedented change. Fuelled by the exponential advancements in technology, leaders and employees are required to adapt and transform both themselves and their organisations with ever increasing speed.

Despite a lot of this change being very exciting, this requires employees to have the right strategies and psychological resources to thrive during these challenging times. They need to utilise and enhance their resilience. Research shows that high levels of Resilience can improve job performance. During our webinar we explore the topic of Resilience in today’s world of work.

The webinar covers the following:

  • What does Resilience mean for your organisation in today’s complex environment?
  •  How do you enable your employees to thrive?

  • Examples of organisations that have successfully enhanced their Resilience.

The Speakers

andrew webinar

Andrew Armes | UK Head of Talent Acquisition at Roche

Andrew Armes is the UK Head of Talent Acquisition at Roche, a major global Bio-Technology company. Roche are the 6th largest investor in R&D globally across all industries, working tireless on solving unmet medical needs for patients across the world. Andrew has extensive experience in HR and Talent management including roles such as Vice President for Talent Management and HR Strategy for the engineering conglomerate Invensys and Head of Resourcing and Talent Management at AstraZeneca UK. A coach and facilitator, he has been voted twice in the top 100 most influential HR professionals by HR Magazine.Icon---LinkedIn_Updated

Ali webinar

Ali Shalfrooshan | Head of International Assessment R&D at PSI Talent Management

Ali is an experienced business psychologist with a passion for using psychology, technology and psychometric test design to help organisations and individuals thrive. He has a particular interest in designing innovative solutions, which combine technology and scientific rigour to help deliver a measurable business impact. Ali has been involved in the design of award-winning projects such as the  Welsh Fire Service and the  Civil Service.Icon---LinkedIn_Updated

Jo maddocks webinar

Jo Maddocks | Chief Psychologist at PSI Talent Management

Jo’s area of expertise is in developing and applying Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. He particularly enjoys creating new products and resources that help individuals, teams and organisations to improve. Jo has been in charge of creating and developing tools such as the Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP), Team Emotional Intelligence Profile (TEIP) and the Leadership Climate Indicator (LCI). Icon---LinkedIn_Updated