This paper analyses data on individuals working in the financial sector who completed the Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP), an online self-report questionnaire.


The results show the financial sector were generally lower in EI than several other job sectors, on interpersonal aspects of EI such as being more critical, less flexible, and less people oriented. However, this broadly improved over the 10-year data collection period. The financial sector also showed certain strengths such as being pragmatic and task focused, and leaders who demonstrate self-belief, authenticity and consistency.

This paper also shows that EI can be sustainably developed in this sector through appropriate training, which has significant impact on the emotional climate of the organisation in terms of employee performance, engagement, and well-being.

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About the author

Jo Maddocks | Chief Psychologist, PSI Talent Management

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Jo’s area of expertise is in developing and applying Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. He particularly enjoys creating new products and resources that help individuals, teams and organisations to improve. Jo has been in charge of creating and developing tools such as the Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP), Team Emotional Intelligence Profile (TEIP) and the Leadership Climate Indicator (LCI). Icon---LinkedIn_Updated