Remote work is expected to continue to rise even after the pandemic subsides.

3 out of 4 CEOs recently surveyed indicated they will not bring all employees back on site (Gartner, 2020). With this shift, managers will need to understand how to work remotely themselves, as well as how to lead a team with less structure, fewer opportunities to communicate, and collaboration enabled by technology.

Managers are uniquely positioned to help people realize the benefits of remote work by adapting their leadership style to mitigate the potential pitfalls.

This white paper takes a closer look at how organizations can focus on hiring and developing managers with the key competencies proven to be most necessary for success when leading highly efficient and productive remote teams.

  • Agility: How managers respond to change and help people handle challenges independently 
  • Achievement: How managers adapt their work practices to drive action and ensure accountability 
  • Affiliation: How managers overcome the physical distance required to coach others and build a supportive team