About the session

The last two decades have seen an exponential growth in the need for EI, driven by an increasing demand from organisations struggling with the challenges of coping with instability, digitalisation, increased competition and information overload.

While early claims about the impact of EI lacked data, the research is now compelling: EI is measurable, EI can be developed, and EI relates to performance, engagement, well-being, and aspects of leadership.

The webinar covers the following key questions for organisations:

  • Does EI predict job performance?
  • Does EI support engagement and well-being?
  • Is EI important for leadership?

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The Speakers

Jo maddocks webinar

Jo Maddocks | Chief Psychologist at PSI Talent Management

Jo’s area of expertise is in developing and applying Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. He particularly enjoys creating new products and resources that help individuals, teams and organisations to improve. Jo has been in charge of creating and developing tools such as the Emotional Intelligence Profile (EIP), Team Emotional Intelligence Profile (TEIP) and the Leadership Climate Indicator (LCI). Icon---LinkedIn_Updated

dan hughes


Dan Hughes | Director of International R&D

Dan has worked for several HR consultancies, gaining over 20 years’ experience in the design, development and implementation of psychology solutions in business. Over his career he has developed a wide variety of different psychometric tools. His main strengths and areas of interest lie in psychometric measurement, technology-based assessment and development (particularly mobile apps) and data analytics.