During this webinar, Jill Pennington, Consulting Director, Development Solutions at PSI, will set out why an agile approach is key in today’s fast world of work, and address what this means for leaders and their organisations.

This webinar will explore the practical implications of agile and what this means for people in organisations and their leaders.

You can expect the following key takeaways from this interactive webinar:

  • Explore what beliefs leaders need around others, customers and organisations to be set up for success
  • Find out how emotionally intelligent leadership can support more agile ways of working
  • Hear how organisations are creating new ways of leading and forging a new organisational climate

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The speaker:

Jill Pennington, Consulting Director for Development at PSI

Jill has had in-house roles in a number of large organisations – Ford, Diageo and Zurich. Working with these organisations has given her practical insight and understanding about the challenges faced by organisations and leaders.

Jill joined PSI through the JCA Global acquisition in 2018. As Consulting Director, Jill is able to apply her business experience to develop practical, bespoke, and creative solutions to performance challenges at work. She works with organisations, leaders and teams who want to improve performance by changing behaviour and building skills.